About Stops and Stories

Stops and Stories is my blog about travel and travel writing. In the blog I try to present a weekly entry focusing on a Stop and/or a Story.

Among the Stops you’ll find a station on the Brussels metro and a tram ride in Lisbon. There’s a walk through the parks of London and an unexpected guestbook in Gothenburg. Here’s an exhibition of art tied to a very particular place. And here’s a report from a visit to the European Commission. You’ll find accounts, like this, of iconic buildings embedded in local history. Some of the stops might be places you’d like to visit as a tourist while some might be places most tourists would never want to go.

The Stories are of all sorts. There are accounts of things that happen to me personally and tales people tell me on my travels. Some of the stories are old ones, long associated with certain places or people. Other are new – tales I’ve come across in my travels. There are stories I’ve see unfold, stories I’ve stumbled over in my photographs, even stories discovered in snatches of overheard conversation.

The illustrations

I illustrate all my Stops and Stories with photographs or other images. Wherever possible these pictures are my creations. Sometimes, though, I use pictures made by other people and then I make a point of acknowledging the author and linking to their work. Gentle reader, if you find I’ve slipped up in this. If you see an unacknowledged image of your own – or one made by someone you know – do get in touch and give me a chance to put the omission right.

The blog also includes a few reviews (of books and websites) related to travel. There are also a few entries given over just to photography, or to maps, or to other relevant topics. In addition you’ll find some articles that take up big and small issues of the day, because I feel they have a bearing on my theme of travel.

The non-blog pages

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