This website is moving!

Greetings good visitor!

Thank you for dropping in on Stops and Stories. Please feel free to look around and read some of my blog articles. I hope you find something to interest you. Well, actually I hope you find lots to interest you!

If you are looking for new articles and/or new photos, though, please visit my main website at TheSupercargo. In the past month I have published 13 new entries there and I hope to be publishing more as 2017 moves forward.

Behind the scenes I’m also copying across all the extant entries from Stops and Stories. This is in preparation for switching to the more secure HTTPS. I hope to have made the move by the end of March. When that happens I will ensure that visitors to Stops and Stories are automatically redirected to TheSupercargo and visitors to specific entries on Stops and Stories are redirected to the same entry on TheSupercargo.

Thank you for your continued interest. I look forward to welcoming you when you visit Stops and Stories at TheSupercargo.

John Nixon

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