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From this page you can explore the Stops and Stories website either by searching for a key word or by following the links to the Categories and Tags I use. There are currently more than 40 Tags on the site, but on this page you’ll only find the most used. I’ve excluded the Tags I only use once, but no article only has one Tag so they are all represented here somewhere. Happy browsing!

A word about some of the Categories and Tags

My original idea with this website was that each blog entry would take up a Stop (as in a place visited, a stop along the way) and a Story – what happened at the stop. As time has gone on and the blog has grown, it turns out that the stories I find while I am on my way are sometimes quite at a tangent from any stop. Some have no stops to anchor them at all. People tell me stories in passing, or I overhear them. I read stories, or I discover them – sometimes after the event – in the photos I’ve take. Consequently, while many of the blog entries are both Stops and Stories, some of them are more Stop than Story, some more Story than Stop.

Then there are the blog entries that don’t really fit comfortably into either the Stop box or the Story box. I call these Meditations – a category I carried over from one of my other websites (At the Quill). A few blog articles are also reviews – of other travel blogs or books, and finally some aren’t really articles, just photographs I’ve taken on my travels. (The latter usually fill a space in my schedule that comes about because I am on holiday.)

Among the Tags it’s only Blogg52 I think I need to explain. Throughout the first year or so of Stops and Stories I participated in the Blogg52 weekly challenge. This is a circle of bloggers in Sweden who each try to publish a blog article every Wednesday. We announce each new publication with the #blogg52 hashtag on social media and share the articles on this Facebook page. Then we pay visits to one another’s articles and make encouraging noises. It has been an excellent discipline for me and I shall probably continue with it for a while longer, also because I have met some very nice people in the Blogg52 circle. (And they graciously tolerate my comments even when I butcher the Swedish language.)

John Nixon, TheSupercargo
13th August 2016