April 18th: Skansen kronan (not really - obviously an autumnal photo)

18th April – decades of a date

18th April 1986 – I am 27 years old and it is my wedding day…

18th April, 1966
18th April, 1976
18th April, 1986
18th April, 1996
18th April, 2006
18th April, 2016
18th April, 2026

*No, I don’t remember days that were 18th April in all these years, or the dates of Easter in 1966 and 2006. But the Internet has its uses, and one is a plethora of calendars where you can check these things.

*Goding, which works perfectly well as a family name in English, sounds weird to Swedish ears since it’s a slang description for an attractive person – think “sweetie”. Mrs SC assumed the gentleman had taken the name, but I suppose he might have had an English Goding ancestor.

This article was written for the #Blogg52 challenge.

2 thoughts on “18th April – decades of a date”

  1. Congratulations to your 30 years! What a splendid idea to write down for each year how it is and what has happened for the last decade! And how well done with the years “öppningsbara” (can’t think of an English Word).
    We celebrated last year, this year in september we will celebrate our daughters 30 years birthday.

    1. Thank you Eva. Thirty years isn’t bad, is it? Congratulations on yours and on your daughter’s up-coming birthday.

      The accordian tabs for the different years are in a bundle of shortcodes called Shortcodes Ultimate available as a plug-in to WordPress. I use them sparingly but they seemed appropriate here.

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